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United Prayer Strategy

PURPOSE – To unify local churches under the banner of constant prayer. Focused specifically on seeking God for our local area.
A. 24/7 Prayer
· Churches commit to praying one day per month every month, establishing a 24/7 prayer covering.
· Each local church prays for their own congregation as well as covering the prayer points listed below. 
· The prayer coordinator organizes the prayer times at the local church.

B. Strategic Prayer points
Focused and strategic prayer for these 10 core spheres of society.

1. The Church – Revival, Living on Jesus’s mission, New church plants, Healthy leaders, Pray for other churches by name

2. Government – Wisdom, humility

3. Education – Safety, wisdom and Godly administrations

4. Business – Blessing and integrity

5. Family – Hearts of Fathers to children and children to fathers, Healthy marriages

6. Police & Fire – Safety and wisdom

7. Media – Integrity

8. The Arts – Platforms for the Good News to be shared

9. Healthcare – Compassion, care and faith for the miraculous

10. Sports – Influence and Godly leaders

C. Communication
· Monthly Email and Facebook wall United Prayer Idaho to facilitate simple lines of communication. 
· As needs arise in our communities in the 10 spheres of society, we post them to the Facebook wall so that others can be aware and join in prayer.

D. Why Invest
· His kingdom come and His will being done on earth through prayer and action
· Answered prayers
· People viewing community differently
· Helps pastors disciple their people
· Economic growth
· Increased momentum in city government
· More fruit of the Spirit in public sector
· Increased unity 
If you are interested in praying for one day a month for the needs of our community and for your local church, please contact April at admin@rivervalleyboise.com or (208) 342-1751.